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Cider & Perry Weblinks

A list of cider-related websites

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Here is a collection of useful links which may be of interest to cider and perry lovers. The appearance of a link does not necessarily imply endorsement of that page or its contents. If you know of any other interesting sites, please add a link!

Cider & Perry Organisations

Cider and Perry Making websites

  • Cider Academy - one of the most respected source of information, training, advice and support available anywhere in the Cider and Perry Industry.
  • The Homebrew Shop - Sells fruit presses and crushers suitable for cider and perry making.
  • Vigo Vineyard Supplies - Sells a full range of specialist equipment for cider making; the starting point for amateur or professional.
  • Wittenham Hill Cider Portal (aka Andrew Lea's Small Scale Cidermaking website) - technical information on all aspects of cider making, including some interesting pages about Andrew's personal experiences as an expert amateur cidermaker, with some useful tips for anyone wanting to make their own.

General Cider websites

  • ukcider - this not only enables you to subscribe to the ukcider mailing list, but also has links to some other interesting cider-related web pages.
  • Bern's Scrumpy World - a website devoted to promoting, tasting and rating Olde England`s finest beverage.
  • The Cider Digest - a US site from Dick Dunn of Talisman Farm, Colorado. Has some basic information about cider, the Cider Digest archives, links, and more. Cider Digest Archives are available online. To subscribe to the group - email to cider-request@talisman.com with 'SUBSCRIBE' in the subject field and your name and email address in the body of the message.
  • The Virtual Orchard - the orginal orchard news and information source since 1995 (USA)

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