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Plans for Cider Presses and Cider Mills

This page is a collection of plans for cider mills and cider presses. Collection is an optimistic word at the moment, the list is very small! Many thanks to those who have contributed, and if you have plans, please, please let us have a copy!

Disclaimer: These documents are for information only. The information is as accurate as the contributors can reasonably manage, but no contributor accepts any liability.

Cider Presses

Once the fruit is pulped, the pulp (pomace or pommy) must be pressed so that the juice is separated from the pulp. A surprisingly high pressure is required for this step and so a little care is needed for constructing presses. There is a good description of a cider press in the book "Making Cider" by Jo Deal (ISBN 0 900841 45 1; published by Amateur Winemaking Publications Ltd. in the UK). It is easy to construct a press at home, as the following plans demonstrate.

Cider Mills

Having got your apples or pears you need some way of extracting the juice. The first step it to mill the fruit. Essentially this step consists of reducing the fruit to a pulp so that you can press the juice out of it. There are a number of ways you can do this. Some people freeze the fruit and then allow it to thaw. The freeze/thaw cycle softens the skins and makes it very easy to pulp the fruit. The disadvantage of this method is that it can easily destroy the wild yeasts present on the fruit skin. This is not a problem if you want to ferment with a defined yeast strain, but is a problem if you want to use wild yeasts. The most common way of approaching this step is to liquidise the fruit in some way, usually in a scaled up version of a domestic liquidiser.

  • Sacks'N'Socks Cider by Ifor Williams. A brief description of a common method of milling contained within a recipe.



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