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Buying Cider & Perry

Where Can I Buy Real Cider and Perry?

This question is always difficult to answer as producers of the genuine article come and go. There are pubs all around the country selling real cider - and if you are lucky, some cider houses which specialise in ciders where you can guarantee to find a good cider, or even a good selection of ciders always on tap. However, it is generally more difficult to find a good pint of cider than it is to find decent ale.

More recently a number of wholesalers and mail order companies have set up selling real ciders and perries. And there is always the fall-back of going to the cider farm and buying the product straight from the producer. And you will also usually find a good selection of real ciders at beer and cider festivals; see Old Scrump's What's On Guide for details of events near you.

However you buy your cider, I hope that this page will give you more choice! And if there is something we ought to have included here - please add a link!

  • Cider Distributors - a list of wholesalers and mail order companies selling real ciders and perries

  • Cider Farms - a list of cider farms arranged by name, by county - and now by reputation (as voted by the readers of Old Scrump's Cider House).

  • Cider Houses - a list of recommended pubs where you will always find good quality ciders for sale.

  • Museums - cider and cider-related museums

  • Orchards - apple orchards, open to the public

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